Here we are a collection of the special features of the villa.  From the floor sockets to the Utilities space; from height of the sinks to the creation of the “his n hers” bathroom, the concertina doors with their double glazed thermal break design, the rotating wood burning somba on the rooftop apartment, the old aloni – a threshing circle – in the grounds.  Planning the design in order to be able to instal a lift to the upper floors, or to set up grey water processing.

Whether its Technical or Design features, Development Opportunities, or the Garden and Grounds, its all here.

All things which make this villa special, a result of a great deal of thought and attention to detail

Technical Features

Careful thought has been applied to every aspect of the villa – from energy efficiency, to low maintenance, environmental responsibility and fire protection and security.  Not to mention internet and entertainment systems!

High Speed Internet thru out house & garden

High speed internet provided by narrow beam transmission from ADSL fibre optic line in Kalyves. Serving all areas of house and garden with multiple internal and external routers. Speeds of upto 25 MBPS enabling stream video, high quality ZOOM calls, seamless AV communication.

Electrically operated strengthened blinds

High security strengthened blinds, electrically operated, for concertina doors and larger windows

Home Cinema

Giant (3 x 2 m) screen beamer projected cinema. Sourced from PC, internet and DVD player with 7 speaker Dolby Digital Sound System.

Reserve Domestic Water Supply

2 x 1000 ltr. Water tanks provide back-up supply in the event of system outage (rare event!)

Remote Access Entry System with Camera

Entry notification with camera thru internet to mobile phone 

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

5 Energy efficient DC inverter airconditioners for living and bedroom areas.

Solar energy from Photovoltaic System

24 panel, 6 KW generating capacity. Net metering system. Provides equivalent to total annual villa consumption. Mounted on south facing pitched pergola within the grounds.

Maintenance free aluminium blinds and railings

High gloss finish on frames and polished aluminium railings need no painting or varnishing.

Home Hifi System

Built in HiFi stereo audio in kitchen, dining room and master bathroom with ceiling mounted speakers sourced from PC, phone and tablet via Bluetooth and CD player.

Lightning Conductor

Lightning conductor on utility space on roof provides protection for villa and neighbour, shared maintenance costs.

Remote Control Vehicular Access

Remotely controlled driveway gate and roller shuttered garage door.

EOT Compliant

Villa constructed in full EOT (Greek Tourist Body) compliance with active licence for 8 years, paused and available for reactivation. E.g. fire escape routes and emergency lighting, railing heights, pool compliance.

Energy Efficient - top 1%!

Energy Performance Level in the top 1 percent of buildings, B+ Level . 6 cm wall insulation; insulated floors & ceilings; double glazed windows with thermal break insulation; solar water heating panels; both hot and cold water pipes insulated; zonally controlled central heating by efficient oil fired condensing boiler.

Retractable sun awnings

12 retractable sun awnings and blinds offer protection from sun, wind and rain (depending on season).

Floor Sockets

10 recessed floor sockets provide flexible power outlets on each floor, removing the risks of trailing cables

Extensive Storage Space

3 locked external storage rooms, 1 external attic storage and mezzanine level storage in garage (41sqm).

Fire Protection System

Fire extinguishers installed in each floor kitchen; thermally triggered automated fire extinguishing system in boiler room; fire alarm with siren; escape routes and emergency lighting

Automatic Garden Watering Systems

Multiple drip watering systems enable summer long greenery with economic and environmentally responsible water usage.

Design Features

Dining area with patterned floor tiles Kamara stone arches on each face. This is a modern interpretation of the traditional Cretan village house design. A charming semi-circular headed niche let into each spandrel.

Minoan Design Principles: Outside In/Inside Out

Guided by design principles discovered in Minoan palaces the house is designed” inside out” – patios and terraces to enable al fresco dining – ” outside in “- oversized glazing to enable enjoyment of views during cooler seasons.

Large South Facing Balcony

Oversized South facing balcony opening out from living area and sheltered by awnings.

His n hers Bathroom

This is a bathroom you can share with your partner!  Luxurious super sized with attractive mosaic tiling features and equipped with twin sinks, double bath and double shower with massive rainhead.

Water Features

Tiled mosaic fountain in the main entrance hall encircled by the stairs to the first floor. Sunken fountain in the courtyard framed between the main house and the ruined village house

Sink Heights

Bathroom and toilet sinks positioned higher than normal levels for comfortable adult use.

Consistent Colour Scheme

South faces of villa picked out in contrasting colours and consistent blue and white awnings create holiday feel.

Fully opening concertina doors

Here from the living room onto the balcony, with views to the south over the mountains.  5 room width fully opening concertina doors with fully adjustable lunar folding fly screens.

Walk In Wardrobe

Walk in wardrobe with fully mirrored doors and stage lighting provides the ideal dressing space. 

Elaborate Lighting Systems

All main living areas equipped with multiple lighting systems for mood, feature and access lighting

Low Maintenance Mature Mediterranean Gardens

Park like grounds cover the top of the hill with meandering paths between rocky outcrops to varied shady seating areas. Colourful and sculpted low maintenance Mediterranean plants and carob topiary.

Aesthetics of External Appearance

E.g. solar water heating panels concealed in flush mounting on apothiki roof; unsightly utility equipment (airconditioning units, TV and internet satelite dishes, lightening conductor) all positioned on a concealed yet easily accessible space – see picture.

Large Pool

12 m pool for serious swimming exercise and 2.3 m depth for diving. Efficient filtration system housed in separate equipment room out of sight beneath pool.


Opening thru an arch is the library with space for over 1000 books

Terrace Tile Patterns

Each floor has unique patterned tile features, laid by expert Syrian tiler.

Raised Beds for Vegetable Growing and Fruit Trees

6 raised beds with automated watering systems ensure wide range of Mediterranean vegetables always freshly at hand. Apple, pear, pommegranate, apricot, orange and lemon trees. Herb garden.

Development Opportunities

Plenty of opportunities for new projects if you want some challenge!  Making a charming studio from the village house, or building an accommodation block with the building permission?   Or on the environmental front, there is grey water collection which can be treated.  And if the stairs are too difficult, there is facility to add a lift to the upper floors.

You could start with the building permission to renovate and refurbish 150 year old village house into charming studio with W facing mountain views.

Additional Building Permission

Due to position partly within village limits, there is secured additional building permission of 240 sqm which would enable construction of a separate accommodation block of up to 10 bedrooms.

Provision of lift to upper floors

The staircase access has been designed to enable incorporation of a lift shaft to 1st and 2nd floors.

Grey Water Provision

A parallel drainage system is installed within the house to separate waste water (sink, shower, washing machine) from sewage water (toilets) to enable development of greywater system (not currently in use).

Garden and Grounds

The 2600m2 of grounds offer a variety of different shaded seating areas, each with different but spectacular views.

Under the fig tree

A charming spot, shaded by the fig tree to the south of the village house, and with lovely views out over the White Mountains

The Aloni

There’s a secluded spot along the northern boundary of the property where is a paved aloni – an old threshing circle.  In the shade of a pergola, partly hidden behind a huge old fig tree, is a great spot for quiet conversation

Carob Patio

The paved patio under the old carob tree, faces onto the Apokoronas plain, and is a lovely spot for morning breakfast. 

Fountain Square

Between the villa and the village house is a shaded patio area overlooking the fountain.  Its just outside the kitchen and ideal for having meals.

Secret Corner

In a cosy alcove just off the pool is the Secret Corner where the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle forms a heady mix.  Its a great place for a snack, or evening drinks.