Local Crafts

Close by Panokosmos is a well known potter, whose studio you can visit, watch him at work and wander round his tree shaded pottery studio.  The local artists crafts village is in Souda, where a wide range of arts and crafts – fine jewelry, innovative pottery, large scale sculptures are to view and for sale.  In nearby villages are an icon painter, a lyra maker, and there are local arts markets selling a range of locally made jewelry, paintings, clothing, soaps and the local spirit, tsikoudia.

In Chania there is much more to see.  You can browse amongst genuine local silk – with a family who grow their own silkworms, weave their own silks to a wide range of traditional and their own modern designs.  See how genuine Cretan knives are made, or get yourself measured up for a real Cretan costume, stivania – knee length boots, sariki – crocheted black scarf.  There’s a hatmaker, local painters, weavers and wood carvers.  A huge range of leather goods are available, some still made locally in traditional designs.