There is a special feel about being in the mountains.  The air is clear and crisp. Sounds of nature are all around. Most importantly it seems to inspire calm and tranquillity in body and spirit.

Whats more there are the views! 

The villa, crouching under the mountains!

The villa is 400m above sea level and on top of the hill in Chiliomoudou village. 

The village from our Roof Terrace

Whats more the name means “thousand peaks”, and you can certainly see 9 mountains over 2000m from our terraces.

Painstakingly created from maps, compass bearings and photos from our kitchen terrace!

From the Rooftop Apartment

From this level you have terraces with views of Crete, facing all points of the compass.  The arm of the Lefka Ori, the White Mountains embraces you to the West and South.  The foothills of Tria Korfalia rise up to 800m, and are backed by Kastro, Agios Pnevma and Mavro. 

What’s more morning sunshine on the mountain tops can be stunning. The play of light on the ridges and valleys during the day is always changing.

South and West in morning sunshine

To the south the plain of the Apokoronas region, the most green and fertile in Crete, stretches to the coast at Georgioupolis, and inland towards Kedros mountain to the right.  Mount Psiloritis, the highest point on the island is visible, with the curious reverse echo of its saddleback shape in Vrissinas right in front.

Psiloritis on a dreamy morning

Panning left from Georgioupolis we come to the Mediterranean sea, beyond Drapanos.  

The mouth of Souda bay to the peninsula beyond Almeryda.
Notice our village church in the centre

Here the bays of Almeryda and Kalyves are visible with the changing blues of the sea beyond.  In the evening and early morning the ferries to Piraeus and can be seen rounding the Akrotiri peninsula to Souda bay. 

Cargo ship leaving Souda Bay

What to do..

From here its fun to watch the planes both landing and taking off at Chania airport on the Akrotiri -you can see them but not hear them!

Its a great place to paint, see Urban Larsen here during which time he painted several views from the property.

Urban in action

Although the outline of the Malaxa ridge, concealing Chania is visible in views to the North but closer to, the neighbouring village of Samonas outlines the hilltop. 

Samonas to the North

Round to the west, the rocky outcrops and olive studded hillsides over towards Tsakistra and Kambi mark a closer landscape.

Over our Ruin to the West, the hills are closer

Surrounded by two gorges

Down at the pool, the terrace stretches out over one of them, the Athimolakos gorge, diving 200m below. 

From the pool terrace its a 200m drop into the gorge

Watching the eagles circling in the thermals is relaxing. 

Golden Eagle over the villa

The sound of the sheep bells echoing across the gorge attracts your eye to their queues along the sheep trails on the other side. You can come across flocks in the road as the shepherds move them to new pastures.

Sheep passing on that road you can see in the gorge

In the winter there is the rush of water from the mountains, but in summer it’s the sound of the birds and bees, a sometimes frenetic blizzard of sound.

The Church of Agios Nikolaos

The church of Agios Nikolaos, one of the oldest in Crete, is picture postcard perfect in the gorge below.  Particularly in the golden evening light the effect is magical, as the last of the sun’s rays shaft thru the gap in the mountains.

The Byzantine Agios Nikolaos church in evening sunshine

From the Contemplation Bench, you can sit and think whilst watching the sun go down. 

Our Contemplation Bench, in the shade of the parasol

There’s a particularly calming and relaxing feel here, and the views of the gorge and church are magnificent.

From the Contemplation Bench: the second gorge with Agios Nikolaos church

Even locals who come to visit are wowed by these views of Crete, not realising that such vistas are possible.  They see their locality from a new and different view point, and are often speechless at what greets them.

White Mountains view from the pool

More about living in Crete

There is much more in our blogs. These show things to do in Crete, whether it be walking a gorge, hiking in the foothills of the White Mountains, or taking a drive to see the sites.  Chania is a great town to visit, particularly to go to the street markets, and of course you’ll want to get the benefits of the Cretan diet – be it the yoghurt and cheese, or the olive oil.

The Villa

And if you would like to live in a place where you can see these, here is just the place. This is a dream villa which we designed and built 10 years ago and now reluctantly are ready to sell and move on. Its in the Apokoronas, in the west of the island, 35min drive from Chania, 50min from the international airport.

South side of the villa with pool infront